Shipmate Review

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[Image description: Soft structured carrier with arm straps buckled laid out on the floor. Print is light blue with alternating dark blue whales, anchors, and sail boats separated by a dark blue stripe.]

Brand: LennyLamb
Wrap Name: Shipmate (A Juicy Ann exclusive) [Second run up for preorder now!!!]
Blend: 100% Cotton Jacquard weave
GSM: 280
For info on sizing and retail pricing, check the Juicy Ann page HERE.

I utilized layaway to purchase the toddler sized ergonomic carrier. When the ring sling became available, Juicy Ann allowed me to also use layaway for that item. Layaway is easy and the terms are fantastic. The shop owner was very helpful and pleasant to work with.

I really enjoy the LennyLamb ergonomic carriers. I love how adjustable they are. The waist band, while floppy, is supportive and distributes the weight well without causing too much pressure on my stomach. The biggest problem I have with the fit of the Tula brand carrier is that I have to put something on the waistband or it is very uncomfortable for me.  I don't have this problem with the LennyLamb carrier. I've owned both a baby size and the toddler size. My 20 month old is just starting to fit well in the toddler sized carrier. You definitely don't want to size up too soon. 

Adjusting the ergonomic carrier can be a little challenging, but once you have it adjusted properly they are very comfortable for long periods of time. My son is approximately 27 pounds and 33-34 inches. Even with my back problems I am able to wear him for at least an hour with no problem. 

The LennyLamb ergonomic carrier seems to work well for average sized and plus sized people. You may not be able to cinch it down enough if you are very petite. LennyLamb does allow for crossed straps, which will help eat up some of the length. If you are super small you might want to go with a Mei Tai instead of their ergonomic carrier. 

Image Source, LennyLamb
Shipmate is a Jacquard weave. It seems very supportive and has been breathing pretty well in our 80 degree weather. The colors are absolutely gorgeous and came out phenomenally. I can't wait to see what Juicy Ann come up with for exclusives in the future. 

 [Image description: Ring sling folded and placed on a wooden floor. Print is light blue with alternating dark blue whales, anchors, and sail boats separated by a dark blue stripe.]

[Image description: 20 month old in a back carry in the Shipmate toddler sized carrier.]

[Image description: Front carry in the Shipmate ring sling. Majority of picture is of the ring sling with a toddlers head poking out the top.]

[Image description: woman carrying a toddler in a front carry using a ring sling.]


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