Products from my TikTok videos

 This page contains affiliate links. While that doesn't make products cost more for you, it gives me a chance to get a commission on things you might buy. Links open in a new window.

If you follow me on TikTok you might have seen some of my DIY projects and product recommendations. I'm going to put links for things from my videos below. 

The Reusable Nesting Pads featured in my latest video. 

The electric poultry netting I use for fencing in my chickens. 

The nesting pads I use.

Poultry watering nipples for DIY waterers. I really like these because it keeps the water clean. I have tried cheaper versions and they tend to break and cause a hazard for the chickens with loose springs. 

The feeder in my videos.  (I paid $70 at tractor supply but they are habitually out of stock). The price has gone up since I bought them. 

If you need a bigger one this is a good choice. Or if you want to make one yourself here is a kit to make your own. If you need a cheaper option, check YouTube for DIY automatic chicken feeder, there are videos showing how to make them using inexpensive angle pipes you can get at the hardware store. You will need a hole saw and something to cut the pipes to size. 

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