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Hatch-Along, day 11

  Freshly laid eggs- 5 light brown eggs sit on a scarf. This post contains affiliate links. Full disclosure here .   Yesterday marked day 11 of incubation on the latest set of eggs. I started out with 48 eggs. Because my chickens lay between 5-8 eggs a day, it takes a bit to get up to 48 eggs and some of them were a little older than is typically recommended. Not every egg that is laid is going to be a good candidate for hatching- some of them will have defects in the shell that don't make a difference when you're eating the egg, but will influence the success of hatching.  I get a good number of "good" hatching eggs every day. To be a good egg for hatching they must be free of bubbles and other defects like being too porous, having hairline cracks or thick areas of shell, and if they are too large or too small they should also not be used. Using the clues given to you by eggs can increase your hatch success rate and reduce wasted space in the incubator. As I said, th

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