The Little Gym

I had the opportunity to have tiny human try out a class at The Little Gym thanks to Moms Meet's Influencer program.

Sebastien, what was your favorite part of the class?

Doing that upside down thing!


Yes, the somersault was my favorite part.

What else did you like about the class?

I liked the people that was teaching me, like that person that showed me how to do the things.

Did you like the kids that were in the class with you? 

Yeah I did. I really liked gymnastics!

It took a few minutes for him to warm up when he first started the class, but he really got into it once he started. There were two teachers and the class was split into manageable groups so they could give a bit of individual attention to each child. We did the "Funny Bugs" class. You can learn more about The Little Gym here. The class was an hour long. He really seemed to enjoy himself, and we plan on going back once things settle down a bit in our personal lives.


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