Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Gluten Free Birthday Cake

I made a gluten free birthday cake for my dad's birthday. Everyone said they really liked it and I think it turned out really well.

I used two boxes of the Betty Crocker gluten free cake mix. One yellow cake and one devil's food cake. I doctored them both just a tiny bit.

To each mix I added:
2 tbsp (approximately 1/2 a pudding cup) Vanilla pudding
3/4 tbst vanilla
2 tbsp almond flour (blue diamond brand)

I marbled the cakes a bit but could have done a better job on that part. I frosted the cake in homemade buttercream. My hands have not been cooperating with fine work so I used store bought candles as the only decoration. I couldn't find my turntable so the frosting job didn't come out as smoothly as I would have liked.

[Image description: partially pieced together layered cake. Cake is sitting on a plate for ease of frosting.]

[Image description: Cake layer being filled with pudding. There is a pile of pudding in the center of the cake with icing around the outside to keep the pudding inside the cake.]

[Image description: The pudding has been spread around the cake layer.]

[Image description: fully filled and torted cake waiting for crumb coat.]

[Image description: Cake sitting on a plate with crumb coat layer freshly added.]

[Image description: Completed cake sitting on the middle of a table. Candles saying "Happy 60 Birthday" have been placed on the top of the cake.]

[Image description: Cake being cut. You can see a cross section of a slice, and it shows a mixture of yellow and chocolate cake.]

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Prepping with Food Allergies

Did you know that an estimated 6 million children and 9 million adults in the US deal with food allergies? Food allergy diagnoses have been steadily  rising in the past couple decades.

Check out my post over at The Prepared about prepping with food allergies

I discuss:
Why you should have food storage if you are dealing with food allergies
Ways to find safe foods
Tips on foods that might be safe for people dealing with certain allergens
How to prepare safe foods for long term storage in your home.

I hope you enjoy the post. I was really excited to write about something I am so passionate about.