Gluten Free Birthday Cake

I made a gluten free birthday cake for my dad's birthday. Everyone said they really liked it and I think it turned out really well.

I used two boxes of the Betty Crocker gluten free cake mix. One yellow cake and one devil's food cake. I doctored them both just a tiny bit.

To each mix I added:
2 tbsp (approximately 1/2 a pudding cup) Vanilla pudding
3/4 tbst vanilla
2 tbsp almond flour (blue diamond brand)

I marbled the cakes a bit but could have done a better job on that part. I frosted the cake in homemade buttercream. My hands have not been cooperating with fine work so I used store bought candles as the only decoration. I couldn't find my turntable so the frosting job didn't come out as smoothly as I would have liked.

[Image description: partially pieced together layered cake. Cake is sitting on a plate for ease of frosting.]

[Image description: Cake layer being filled with pudding. There is a pile of pudding in the center of the cake with icing around the outside to keep the pudding inside the cake.]

[Image description: The pudding has been spread around the cake layer.]

[Image description: fully filled and torted cake waiting for crumb coat.]

[Image description: Cake sitting on a plate with crumb coat layer freshly added.]

[Image description: Completed cake sitting on the middle of a table. Candles saying "Happy 60 Birthday" have been placed on the top of the cake.]

[Image description: Cake being cut. You can see a cross section of a slice, and it shows a mixture of yellow and chocolate cake.]


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