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Black text on a purple background that reads "FREE home learning activities to help keep children busy while stuck at home.

Most of these resources are going to be for younger age groups as that is what I need for my child, but I will try to add resources for older kids/teens as I become aware of them. This will be updated as I find new and interesting things.

I am going to try an only post things that are free, to help minimize financial impact to people who were not expecting to have their children home for weeks or months. This post may contain affiliate links, but they won't cost you anything to use.


Duolingo, is for learning languages and has an online version and also android and apple app. The free version is great and you only have to watch/view an ad after a lesson. There is a paid version but you can get by just fine on the free version.

If you have a kindle fire tablet Kids Edition tablet, the Freetime Unlimited that comes with it has a ton of educational apps, books, and videos. You can set daily educational goals and manage apps and content from your Amazon Parent dashboard.


Teachers Pay Teachers has a LOT of free resources if you have printer access. This has worksheets and lesson plans for all grade levels. There are paid resources but there are a lot of free ones, just make sure to use the "free" filter when searching.

Here is an awesome Google Doc with all kinds of links and ideas for activities to do. I am unsure of the original source, please let me know if you find it so I can credit them!

Here is another amazing Google Doc from Amazing Educational Resources that shows a bunch of websites that are offering free services due to the novel coronavirus.

Yet another fantastic Google Doc with a list of Virtual Field Trips.

Scholastic has put out a 20 days of reading webpage that is free, and they provide you with a login. This is mostly aimed at Elementary aged children.

This is a great Special Education list of resources.

Please note that if you are a lower income family, internet companies have been offering free services for people with specific guidelines. Check with your local provider to see if they are offering free internet services for the short term due to this crisis.

Please comment any resources that you know about below! Thank you to all my wonderful friends that have shared resources with me, I appreciate all of you.

It might help to keep on their general schedule. Make sure you schedule time for play and snacks!

Kitty from That 70s Show drinking a margarita out of the blender. Text above reads "Me when I realized the kids are probably headed home for a 24 day weekend.


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