Limerick PJ's Bliss Review

I got this pump for free through my insurance right before my son was born in October of 2013. I have been using the PJ's Bliss pump for almost 18 months daily. I typically pump once a day, but there have been times where the pump was used multiple times a day for an extended period of time.

I got a set of the old flanges (when they still used glue). The glue was sometimes causing an issue where the flange would come apart. Limerick immediately sent me new flanges. There was a problem with my motor going out at one point, and all it took was an E-Mail to Limerick to get a new one on the way! They even shipped it to where I was heading on vacation so I wouldn't be without a pump. When I've had a question I've always gotten a quick response (within 1 business day). I have absolutely loved the customer service with this company. I would buy this pump for that reason alone.

Front of the pump in the "Off" position, no accessories.

Back of the pump.

Example of the suction motion, demonstrated on my hand.

I love how comfortable the flanges are. They are not stiff, but made of flexible silicone-one size fits all, and I'm anywhere from a D to an E cup size. 

Relatively lightweight. I have no problem stuffing it in my purse (but my purse is a giant tote so YMMV).
Suction is similar to an actual baby.
Phenomenal customer service.
Closed system pump, can be shared with multiple users if you each have your own kit.

Accessories are expensive.


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