Medical Bills

Being chronically ill is hard. If you read my previous post about my frustration with FSAs, you will see I have been struggling a bit lately. 

Knowing that doing certain things helps with your conditions, but not having the energy to do the things is hard.

Knowing that certain things (like eating specific foods) helps exponentially, but not having the money to eat that way is hard. And when I do have the money, it seems like I don't have the energy. 

Not being able to get a diagnosis because all the testing that is required costs a lot of money is incredibly frustrating. Having your insurance deny certain tests because they cost more than the cheaper tests even though you'll end up having to have both done since the first one won't show what is needed is infuriating. And I end up paying for both, when only one was necessary. 

What tends to happen for me is that the doctors just shrug their shoulders and say well we don't know but maybe you can see a specialist. The specialist usually either doesn't care enough to go further after the one test they do is negative, or they don't really know where to start. I have been having chronic health issues for over 8 years. That isn't including my problems from my TBI and PCOS. 

Finding a doctor that actually cares and is trying to help you as much as they can, but not being able to see them anymore because your insurance stopped covering them is hard.

Fighting with insurance to cover services that are very obviously covered in your insurance, is hard.

If you can find it in your heart to help with some of my medical bills that would be so appreciated. If you can't afford to help, shares are just as appreciated. 

If you would like to see bills/screenshots of monies owed feel free to send me an email via my contact page. I can also email you a receipt showing I paid the bill once that is done. 

My current goal is $1500, to pay my primary care doctor and to get up to date on payments for my Gastroenterologist and the endoscopy costs. 

Cash App: $sylvyana


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